How to Change the Default Text Editor on a Mac

It gets slowly scruffier until the last page, where it’s mainly doodles with bits of important notes scribbled down the sides. I always have one with me and use it to capture thoughts and ideas mostly but also reminders to do things. I use that as a base to write things up more formally if needed. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t but there has been times when I’ve been glad I captured things I’d simply forgotten by the time I woke. In my notepad I primarily tend to use diagrams, flowcharts and bullet point lists of how I will approach a task. I often fill an entire page before taking a break, starting a fresh page and beginning again on my notepad with a hopefully more refined approach to my task.

Notepad++ stores the location of the cloud settings path in a dedicated file located in cloud\choice below the installation directory. For settings not covered by the three main dialogs, there are other toggles and settings which can be found in various dialogs, menus, and configuration files. Here, navigate to the installed location of Notepad++ and select notepad++.exe file. If you look online, all guides for setting Notepad++ as default are outdated and don’t work. Thankfully, you can find the updated guide with easy to follow steps right here.

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Those 1930 ED numbers are in brackets, and point to the next text line . I don’t think there would be any more than 10 such contribution EDs. For smaller areas of 25,000 or more, I intend to get street indexes for them, and have replaced their descriptions with «TO BE DONE BY BOUNDARY OR STREET INDEX». I have many ColdFusion markup documents that are basically function libraries. If I do a find on this regex, the results are a great table of contents for me to quickly go to the function I want. That works, thanks (you have to install the TextFX plugin, via Notepad++’s UI).

Stashpad has kept the notetaking part simple even though there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to organizing and structuring notes. For instance, users can easily build a to-do list but won’t get features like reminders for that. So they will need to integrate Stashpad into their daily workflow to make the most out of it. I use the iPad pencil and GoodNotes app nowadays since I am taking notes constantly to think and remember daily interactions. I like being able to doodle in a meeting to remember an abstract concept or to share notes afterwards.

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  • And, as you know, notepad isn’t so great — it lack syntax highlighting, code page change and unicode support.
  • Shiwangi loves to dabble with and write about computers.
  • The Mac will remember to open all .txt files in your selected app.

This is due to the fact that your codes can be done easier and faster. Brackets is actually a modern program developed by that of the Adobe community. This enables web developers to connect (in real-time) to their browsers. The said features mean it is necessary to change HTML and CSS codes. After that, you can check them instantly on your screen. This Brackets application can be installed for free by Mac users.

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The “CFG” in CFG file stands for configuration, which succinctly sums up its purpose for Windows and Mac users. CFG files are configuration files used by other software to customize how things work. Alternative file types, such as “CONFIG” for CONFIG files, work in a similar way. If you are a Mac user, you may use TextEdit instead of Notepad. Accidentally pressing delete, closing the wrong window, or a machine shutting down suddenly can result in TXT file loss. It can be a chilling moment when you realize that an important document has suddenly disappeared.

By default Marlin assumes you have a buzzer with a fixed frequency. If you have a speaker that can produce tones, enable it here. This option reverses the encoder direction for Select Screen If CLOCKWISE normally moves LEFT this makes it go RIGHT.

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